Some Strengthening Bonds!

“It might hurt you but, I will be honest. I’ve no wrong intention. But, I want to convey so I will!” Those were her words before we started to talk and I’m so glad she said them.


Why did she say that? What did she want to say? Who was she?

I know these questions have come up in your mind and I will disclose shortly.

She was a friend, a long lost one

We sang, danced, fought with each other under the sun.

I met her after long, we planned to meet

There was complete disconnection until this meet.

We met, she hugged me tight, I was delighted so much

I never imagined us talking on a topic as such.

Close to me not far, she’s a part of mine

We had a gap of communication for maybe months eight to nine?

She said she was so happy to see me after so long

‘Best friends forever!’ we say, but don’t realize where, when time caries us along.

She then started to say what she wanted to

She criticized me from start to end and I had words to say very few.

Thunderbolt! Her words struck me hard

I felt lonely with someone who had always been my guard.

We were there for each other, always

I wished to be with her for life without changing paths or ways.

But, one never knows where life takes

One never knows of the decisions one makes.

She made me realize where my life was leading

Too blunt, candid, direct, she was speeding.

Her words came like swords almost tore me apart.

But she knew how to handle me always, very smart.

She came with this wind went with it too so swift

Hurry or fear to face me? I don’t know, she just wanted to drift.

She always was close to me and will remain

No matter we may or may not meet again.

As beautiful as she is, she has touched my life

Never in bad terms; never will we strife.

She revealed her thoughts and I’m pleased she did.

If she had to, inside some box her words she could’ve hid.

But, she felt, I was so close that I would understand

I wouldn’t take her wrong, yet beside I’ll stand.

That’s our friendship and I wish it never ends

No matter if we have to face more such bends.

I love you my dear friend, I’m so happy there aren’t any walls between us

Silence, hatred, hesitation, nothing remains and we’re together thus!


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