Existing Or Quintessential?

All of us have a “Quintessential Me” within us, which is a little far from the “Existing Me”!


In that rush to reach the QUINTESSENTIAL me

I forget to do the essential to be ME.

In the fear to reach it,Β because it’s probably too far

I shut my eyes, scared of getting hurt, I don’t want that scar.

Disappointed and tired of trying, I feel it’s unachievable

I stop believing in myself, I wish to look for something achievable.

I land in the land of low self-esteem

I look down, I day-dream but hope for no dream.

But, realization has its own power it now comes to me

It makes me notice, what I couldn’t see.

It makes me observe the mistakes I do

It makes me get started again to pursue.

I now understand to take one step at a time

To do the most important first, to do the prime.

I rise from one to two gradually two to three



2 thoughts on “Existing Or Quintessential?

  1. Juhi Kothari says:

    Dear Khushboo,
    Your work resonates with what I have gone through. Your words make me analyse and grow out of situations I find myself caught in. Thank you for lending a helping hand! I hold pride in having known you. I hold pride whenever someone says I share a few qualities with you. I promise, I won’t disappoint – neither those people nor you!

    On this post, I pledge that I won’t just day-dream. I will do everything essential to be ME!!


  2. Dear Juhi Didi,
    I’m am so very delighted to read your words on my blog. So much that I was overjoyed just by seeing your name flash as a comment on my work! I’m very-very glad that you could relate to my little piece of writing, pleased that it could be of some help. And, it is such an honour to know that I share a few qualities with someone so profound as you, even a few qualities make me feel so gratified of myself.

    Without doubts and thoughts I’d say you can never disappoint anyone and I know you never break your promises. I’m sure that you will do the needful to be yourself after this post. I’m so blessed to have you in my life to make it all the more worth living!

    Thank you so much! Means a lot! πŸ™‚


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