Deep Affection!

We tend to think about our mom; dad, child, siblings, beloved, spouse, or even someone we’re intensely connected to when we think of “Deep Affection” right? But, I want you to love someone more honestly and genuinely who you never consider to love or care for but is the most important part of your life!


That basic feeling of not being good enough

The feeling that makes us weak in the route to get tough.

The desire to be better at things we do

We look down on ourselves, to follow someone’s virtue.

Why not, wholehearted acceptance for who we are

In this sky of millions, a little shining star.

The way we are, sweet or sour

The way we are, unique or bizarre.

The appearance, the way i look

It’s not the way we look but the way we see… no cover tells the story of the book.

Listen to your heart, listen to what it says

72 times a minute, without complaints, it stays.

Listen to your mind that has an idea for you

It says you don’t need to change, someone there loves you for being you.

“But what’s wrong in wanting to be better

I’m just desiring to look perfect I’m not an attention getter.”

But criticism is not what the mind and heart need

Motivation is definitely needed, agreed.

But you will change with ease when you love yourself more

Love the weakness to be strengthened, love the anger to vanish the sore.

Love those eyes, love those thoughts, love that tongue, love those flaunts

You’re worth it, don’t give yourself taunts.

It’s amazing to make someone happy, but start with YOURSELF

There will be more smiles on faces then, they will appear them-self.


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