They say, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!”. And today, I believe it really does.

Β moi

How many times have you given up?

How many times in frustration have thrown that cup?

How many times have you hurt your loved one to achieve that dream?

How many times you’ve lost the calm? Yell, shout, scream?

Some of us maybe opposite and must have kept shut?

Some of us shut all doors, remain in a hut.

Some of us have turned a deaf ear to what everyone has to say.

Some of us take all complaints, blames, yet smile all way…

Maybe not many but this sure has happened once right?

For those who have big dreams can visualize the sight.

More than these sights, lets try remember what they create

Doubt, low self-esteem, no faith on fate.

We give up, don’t fall but take another route…

Route to a better future, route to fetch a new boot.

Not so easy, life is a tough job

With every step, a new issue! A new issue with every throb!

But, I want to give up on GIVING UP!

I don’t want to throw that cup.

Let’s prepare well, to understand time and not collapse

Let’s not run for our dreams but jog so that even sweat can elapse!


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