My Storybook!

Not that book from which dad read out bedtime stories to me. No, not even the one that taught me morals. No, no, not the one that I would cling onto every time I would want to read as a child. But, this shall be the book that captures each moment of my life in it!

Open Book

I’m the third child to my parents

When I was born, neither my sister nor brother were yet adolescents.

Grown up, mature! Yet accepted a little baby sister in their arms

They kept me away from every little pain, they took away all harms.

Born as a little girl in a joint family

I was always loved and cared most promptly.

Pampered, adored, protected and what not

I grew up like this, nothing to worry about, always sought.

Every wish would get fulfilled, every little dream would come true

Whether it was a candy… or it was my room, to completely new!

Before I asked for that teddy it was there on my bed

Without a birthday, without an achievement… for my smile to spread!

Not just home now, I had great company everywhere

I would make friends wherever I would go, from anywhere to somewhere.

No enemy was born for me, was born no foe

I did face hatred to peaks, handled well though.

Life always was, is and will remain a bed of roses

Yes, there will be thorns too, but what’s beauty without a few bruises?

People around taught me so much to evolve

They created a place where even big disputes would easily dissolve.

And now when I see myself, so tall and proud I stand

The book has to have some hard pages with too many beautiful ones I understand.

At the last page when it comes I want everyone to smile

With head held high just for a while.

I want my life to stand with gratitude on my deathbed

So that my death congratulates me for the life I led!


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