How do you read the word “SLOW”? As dull, unproductive, boring, weary?

Maybe, but I read it as LEISURE!

Silhouetted Woman Running at Sunset

Yes, I will be happy when I reach my aim.

Isn’t that so much like today’s life game?

All of us are running, so hard that we miss out on years

We miss out on years in making careers.

In this rush we miss out on that one thing that makes us look the best

A heart-warming ‘SMILE’ forget about the rest

Did you notice where it disappeared?

In that sudden little second when work appeared.

Yes, work does come first but why do we put ourselves last

What is this haste? Why are we running so fast?

Waiting… “happiness will come to me when it has to…”

Why waiting? How do we know it will come? Time is few!

So I’m slowing down now, I’m pausing this moment

I’m living this minute, this very instant.

What will we lose, nothing is more important than time I guess

Well, we’ll be grateful for there will be no stress.

Let’s notice not just look through

Let’s listen not just hear and Adieu!


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