When I stopped thinking about the world and started thinking about myself, the world started looking at me differently and I believed in who I was!


I was standing in front of the mirror and she cried with me too

She didn’t come to show sympathy or laugh. But kept going with me… through.

I saw her crying and it hurt me more

I saw my soul in pain, in that feeling sore.

I loved her, she never cried earlier

I made her go through distress, she became worrier.

I realized then, was I doing right by falling down?

There was sorrow everywhere, smile had turned to a frown.

I started hating myself because of someone else

I was blaming my reflection that it left me with nothing else.

The one who stayed with me in good, bad, ugly times

Was no one but me, in all crimes.

Yet I put myself down, I took the blame, I felt the guilt

I was cursing my identity through which I was built.

And then when I saw her tears strolling from my eyes

It was high time to act sane and wise.

To stop saying sorry for who I was

And to start giving more than making withdraws.

In that moment I learned to live for myself too

To live the ME and not for someone, not for you!


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