Control Or Profusion?

Abundance, excess, bountifulness. We have or can get whatever we want in the duration of a snap. In fact at times even less than that. It’s like the sky is our limit, but isn’t it contradicting because sky is plenty.


So much of availability

We have every facility.

We all try to make plans; schedule and reschedule

We still want to have that sweet, even when the mouth is all full.

My question is, why is the mouth full when what you want is still out?

If it is something that you don’t want then, there’s no need to shout.

Instead why not eat in a limit rather than trying to add more

Limit yourself to eat that is needed to stay on the floor.

You use time don’t let time use you,

When it is less why make it all the more few.

Listen this is the time my friend.

And we all know it will end.

Leave that phone aside, hold her in your arms…

Let’s not create a distance between us, that’s what really harms.

Eat on time, not every time.

Health is important and you have to take care of it just forever that’s one time.

Buy things not when you want but when you need

Set a boundary, don’t run in speed.



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