Do you like surprises? I don’t. I’m scared of surprises, who, how, when comes to see you. But have you ever had surprises that have made you happy, without making you realize that you just had a surprise..! I just had one like that today.


A sharing something with someone…

Something you don’t want to summon.

A talk that makes you go offtrack

Without making you feel, of some lack.

A moment of laughter, suddenly of pain

Pure pleasure, so much to gain.

A feeling of something special

Not necessary or essential.

But happiness to its highest par.

The attention one attains like a superstar.

Causing disturbances without realization

But every time a new disturbance, new creation.

So much giggle between two serious personalities

Do we have the the disease of dissociative identities?

No idea, no actually not even a thought

About the connection we would build about the random talks up we brought.

Friendship? Sisters? Or nothing in real?

Or actually someone more than just real.

Sometimes, we have no notion of how happiness comes our way.

Things, people or even through angels like I met today.

Don’t be surprised well you actually won’t get to know.

When you come in face-to-face with something like so.


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