Obstacles Or Just Hurdles?

Scared? Anxious? Nervous? Do you have too many challenges to face today?


Face them, now, they’re here to scare you

Because without these, what in life is new?

Laziness, procrastination, sitting back you know is not you

So don’t even let it get into you.

Challenges are here to make us cross the hurdle

They aren’t here to be obstacles and make us dull

Difficulties come to make us strong

They make us believe we can make right, what is wrong.

They come to you because you’re the only one who can handle

You can light yourself and brighten the path, like a candle.

We’re dying, every second, in fact every nano one

Answer this test now and show them what you’ve won.

Be active, be fun, go depict that smile

Challenge the challenge in style.

When achievements come to us, they come to us for a reason

When obstacles come to us, we’ll tackle them this season.

There’s no ‘why me’ in this discussion

There’s just ‘TRY ME’ in the conclusion.


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