SLIDE To Unlock!

How many times have you read this phrase on the screens of different devices? And how many times have you read it more than just sliding a finger over it?


Slide to unlock…

No key but yet opened a lock.

But this device has unlocked the power

What have we done to empower?

We’ve shut our doors instead

Doors of the mind, windows of the head.

Shut so many things big time

We’ve turned ridicule from sublime.

Slide to unlock…

Some kind of a joke or mock?

We’ve stopped noticing we just see

A touch enables everything so, we just be.

Do we think or just copy paste

Why are we running what’s this haste?

Or are we scared to fail in someone’s eyes

To lie to oneself to be good for someone else is a decision so wise.

Slide to unlock…

We’ve shut everything, opportunity is too confused to knock.


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