New Year? My New Start!

Firstly, A very happy new year to all you wonderful people reading this! You must be wondering, where was I for the good start right? Well, I was on a good break and I loved being there, and I was living love with this break because, falling in love is so not me. And this break is so beautiful that I’d like all you people to have one!


We’re in some competition to have more friends online

But how many of them know us offline?

We see them there but don’t start a conversation

Even if we do, we’re waiting for each-others typing relation.

We type and re-type, think so much before we send

We follow people on the net, how is that a friend?

We open our computers but shut our doors

We’re surfing we say, but then no explores.

This technology is an illusion of delusion

When we come out of it, we’re in utter confusion.

We’re slaves to something created by us

We don’t master our mind, the mind masters thus.

We have so much to look, like and share

Are emotions rare getting the care?

We search to find our answers

We gain no experience rather fall into disasters.

Had there been someone to help us more than google

We might not have had the need to look for tutorials for renewal.

Be there for someone special and they’ll be there with you

But no one would be there if a few messages would do.

We edit and put to place unreal materials to reality

We’re suffering the disease called duality.

We’re busy making a real image on the computer

That our real image outside it becomes so quieter.

We can read a book not e-books and save our eyes

We can sleep early, take so much rest and put that time to exercise.

We might be lost, but bending doesn’t make us find ways alone

Ask for the direction, put away the phone.

We think we need the contact list

But no we will remember each other if we coexist.

It’s better to play with kids and teach them what you learn

Then to gift them an I-Pad so that to us they never return.

Are we running away cause life is too busy?

Or is this tech-savvy world making us dizzy?

No games, no noise, outdoor it’s so quiet

We know the weather condition but we see no climate.

Let’s look up from our phones and shut down our display

They are true distractions put them away.

Give people your love and not your like

There’s where our chances to us they will strike.

Shut down the computer, shut down the television,

Go out there create a new vision.

Stop reading this blog and live more real days

Let’s make happiness than regret, in our heart make stays!


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