Twenty-Four Hours A Day!

What if we could see no time?


Days would start with a sunrise and end with a sunset

Our minds would be tied to a small mindset.

A sense of attitudes well established in head

No hurry, no punctuality too… no competition of going ahead.

No clock, no watch, no hourglass to see

The time from dawn to morning and morning to tea.

We wouldn’t be dependent on any alarm

A morning would add more glory with it’s bright charm.

Days to months and months to years

We’d keep living without fears.

We’d count no time, we’d live more free

We’re counting now, more burden we carry.

We’d plan no meet, no get-together, reunion

Because time could never separate us, it couldn’t ruin.

We’d meet more often then, talk all the more

Because time wouldn’t be running out anymore.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could see no time?

Consequences would still be there, but think about this onetime.


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