Don’t we all become a little sad by reading this word. In fact, some of us have memories coming to our minds, such memories that have made us lose on something to get something better or some that maybe, have made us worse now. Well, I’ve got a twist!


True success requires sacrifice

The cost of it may be overprice.

Then let it be life or precisely love

Sacrifice is a value all above.

To gain something we’ve always had to lose

Give and take is a relationship one can’t misuse.

It’s not easy but, no one mentioned it was tough

Anything or everything… NOTHING can ever be enough.

It’s always better to take risks to survive

Because everything changes and the same time then won’t arrive.

Then all we think could happen good, doesn’t even occur nice

Don’t let this time run, now if needed, make a sacrifice!

It has relations with too many

It loves respect, needs courage and wants harmony.

But it fears to give away it’s pride

With one knot tight it’s tied.


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