Movie With Him!

“You don’t get to know, what, where, when might inspire you!”

– He said!


I planned it together, so that I be with him

He came along no doubt, but was into the movie not theater to the brim.

I looked at him his mouth wide open and eyes at the screen

Without knowing me gazing at him he wanted me to just “look at the scene”.

I smiled and looked forward again concentrating on my popcorn more

Because the vision had nothing so great so I had to ignore.

But he wasn’t watching a movie, he was grasping and observing the very detail he could

He wouldn’t talk a word, I so understood.

At lunch finally, I got the nerve to ask

“What was so great into that sight, or something you had to unmask?”

His words were few, but they were something new

Did you listen to the background score, they had the fall of a ‘screw’.

His eagerness of knowing and telling me something I didn’t know

Made me look astonished with things, I was sitting beside even though.

“The falling of the screw” he said, was nothing so great

But it created something magical, something making it worth the wait.

That feeling of understanding such a minimal sound,

Created the awe for how much practice and timing it must have abound.

I was with you so I held and kissed your hand

But without me noticing that sight, the view would be so bland.

“You saw the light effect how it grew from the shady black to purple blue?

You don’t get to know, what, where, when might inspire you!”


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