“Do your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for.”
-Oliver James


I came empty handed and I would go back the same

But there’s a reason for my existence, a reason for my name.

It takes too much courage to live the dreams I see

I recognize them in the sky, I perceive them in the sea.

Dreams that can’t let you sleep

Dreams that might also make you weep.

But what’s extant in me without them?

I would be on an eternal rest if I had to condemn.

Who set the right and wrong

Who decides the weak and strong?

What’s rational for me is irrational for someone else

Then who concludes that dreams had to be logical? Them-self?

The only sensible reason to live my dream

To live it without fear, to live it with esteem

Is to have the valor to achieve it on my own

To be able to grow the seed I had once sown.

To live the life we’re here for by oneself

Without knowing the distress of being just by yourself

To hold onto your dreams and not let them go

And to be able pay the price to earn them, even though it’s too high and you know.


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