The Black Coffee! :)

The science behind that one cup of “Black Coffee”.

cup of black coffee surrounded by coffee beans

When exams come, they come together

They maybe in life or in school so nether.

Then they ask questions in and out of syllabus

Let them be big decisions or generally bacillus.

They give us stress, scare us to lose our scores

They might open one window but close all doors.

Think and answer but do write something

Write something they say, but they mean ‘anything’.

Have you seen potatoes and coffee?

Both are bitter and not sweet as toffee.

But boil them both and see the change

See how they react to the same action so strange.

The potatoes become weak but the coffee creates something new

Facing the same adversity, this can do very few.

Strong it tastes but has changed for better

Potatoes could be mashed but were no trend setter.

Let’s decide what obstacles can do to us

Can we create something new or do we create fuss.

Things happen to us and even around

What matters is what happens within us that we’ve found.


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