Poet, dancer, athlete, teacher… one can be everything one wishes to be, even happy!


This world is full of emotions to emanate

Feelings we don’t need to initiate.

We feel hurt, we feel the sorrows

But we cant wait to convey or extend to tomorrows.

We love today, we share, we care

We might fight tomorrow nothing that rare.

But how would it be if we could just be happy

Happy with anger, happy with guilt… happy with unhappy?

It may be meaningless now

But my words will reach to you sometime somehow.

They don’t want to say smile to pretend

They just want to convey, smile to bend.

To turn a sorrow to joy

To deviate annoy to enjoy.

How? You ask, I know so confused

Or rather really amused.

But we can do that by doing what we really wish

Be you, don’t impress, order your favorite dish.

Dance if you feel like, let them watch, let them judge

They don’t know how good you are, don’t let them prejudge.

They can’t live the life you have, but you yourself have it right?

So live it now and live it bright.

Happy you become, independent too

It doesn’t matter if you’re dancing and they like kung fu.


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