Impure Or Pure?

Somethings do take time, but why is it so difficult when time is the only thing we need to give?


Stuck, trapped, immobilized… I looked for water in the lake

Filthy, unclear, so muddy, appeared poison, that too fake.

Unable to move, I sat right there no choice no power

I saw a lotus. So surprised, between dirty water a blooming flower.

Clothes so worn out, body so weak

Windy the winds, weather too bleak.

I fell into dreams… right there to sleep

A wooden ramp with my body, not too dark not too steep.

I woke up to see a new morning

A sky beyond bounds so adorning.

The same water now but with few changes

It had made pleasing exchanges.

Clear and still the water so pure

Quenched all thirst, did all cure.

Gave me strength, to get up again

Lead me from nowhere to somewhere then.

Today I realize what that water said

It let itself silent from all the force instead.

Had there been influence to cause more tension

It wouldn’t get clear nor attain attention.

So now the disturbance… let it be

Give time the time to make it flee.

For it’s effortless, no drive required

No acceptance then needed, already acquired.


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