That likelihood of something happening… the anticipation of a hazard… the expectation of nervousness.


Is it the heartbeat or is it the drumbeat?

Am I drenched in sweat or is it the summer heat.

The danger of some occurring

The dread of unpleasant incurring.

Is it just me, everyone else smiles around

Is it just my boundary to which I’m bound?

My heart leaps out on my hand

Is it just my pastry that is so bland.

Why do I run before that small task

Why do I have so many questions to ask?

Why is my mind filled with reverence

Why does it talk to me about severance?

The need to be good is lingering on the line of thinking

So much of doubt is leading to shrinking.

I will still do it now because I hear, I can’t

I will not give up and fulfill their grant.

I might get up then if I trip and fall

But no one can stop me from taking the call.

I do want success but I’m scared of failure no more

Milestones don’t matter now, doesn’t matter the score.


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