“People will stare. MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE.”

– Harry Winston

Β A letter to every guys girl! Collages1Her eyes light my paths, the way they brighten up and shine

They get me tied up from brunch to dine

She looks, she stares deep in my face

She’s angry right now yet has so much grace.

Her sleek hair so thin, troubles her so much

She feels it’s always messy, she always needs a touch

I pull her clip out and play with her hair

Her annoyed expressions say much more than just “Not Fair!!”.

Her nose is a cute little thing, so small

But she pokes it everywhere and I don’t like it at all

It gets me locked and then she looks away

It interrupts everything… conversations it has slay.

Her ears are the one’s I’d like to speak to for life

They listen to me patiently, even when I’m talking rife

The way she puts her hair behind them they beam

From heavy danglers to little gems, they carry with esteem.

Her lips so coy, they’ve always held secrets within

So tender and rosy, from that sly smile to that broad grin.

She’s hiding something, I’m so afraid

Trembling they look but I’m the one preyed.

Her chin, her cheeks so passionate they are

The way she smiles, sway my thoughts too far

Sinuous and guarded they’re so pure

Scars they create deep, no heal then, no cure.

As hot as my morning steaming coffee cup

Every morning the same, yet there always up

She’s glory to me, her elegance above all gorgeousness

She’s beauty I just can’t assess.

But she denies, I know not why

She asks me to define, looks in my eye

I wink at her now and say that’s how

Tell her it’s no joke, I don’t know how.

She’s charming and I’m charmed

She’s winsome, leaves me disarmed

Ask her to stay, while I’m still here

Plead her to not go and sit near.


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