Does YOUR heart talk?

We hear so many phrases like “Do what your heart says!”, “Just listen to your heart!”, “Let your heart speak!”, “Follow your hearts command!”, “Try hearing the whispers of your heart!”… and so many more like almost everyday right? But, does our heart talk? How do we know whether it does or not?


I believe it really does.

It has much to say, even more than us.

Pretension is not it’s way

Listening to it peacefully we’re done halfway.

But how do we know when it talks?

While we’re asleep or eating or during simple walks.

No it talks to us more than we can listen

But doesn’t get displeased. Always owns a shine, a glisten.

Seventy-two times a minute, it has so much to say

From all the thinking we do… far away.

It converses with the mind, converses with the soul too

Carries all the love and pumps it everywhere no job so new.

It listens carefully whatever the mind conveys

But it’s the heart filled with love no pain, no amaze.

Yes they’re right listen to your heart

If you can listen to it’s whispers you know the main art.

If music releases your pain, your heart hums all day

Listen to the music that will stay all way.

Stay with it, it’s someone who won’t leave

So much pleasure and warmth to receive!


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