Vexation Or Whisper?

Why do we yell, shout, cry in anger? Well, can there be an answer for that as well? Let’s see…


Why do we yell when we’re annoyed?

When the one to hear us is right beside.

People say we tend to shout when we’re displeased

That isn’t mere truth or the way it should be seized.

Some even say it’s the way to showcase

The way to showcase by creating space???

Well, I found the answer to why we shout

So close yet far there’s no doubt.

Our hearts are distant when we’re indignant

They aren’t bad just a little far, they really aren’t malignant.

We scream to make the heart realize

Of the distance it has traveled off path at size.

Don’t we talk so soft in love?

We even whisper so much to our beloved.

Don’t they understand what you’ve tried to say

They do even if you’ve failed to convey.

At times we don’t even whisper one look says it all

And even the eyes are eager to hear the no voice call.

So why so harsh just because heart’s afar?

The heart is strong but don’t cause a deeper scar.

Call it close and say everything in its ears

It’s a good listener, with patience it hears!


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