What comes to your mind first when you see this word “delay”? ‘HURRY’ came to mine. But gradually I realized that since every coin has two sides this one had one too.


Delay sometimes means no follow-up at all

Later, tonight, tomorrow, meant no call.

Everyone says ‘Tomorrow occurs never’

I think saying it to delay is a way too clever.

So then I took a step one day

For I really wanted to delay.

Wanted to delay anger, anguish and pain

As it is they cause no gain.

I stopped in silence for a moment or two

Realizing I wasn’t really angry, just annoyed to blue.

I sat for a minute and closed my eyes

Tears didn’t flow cause I wasn’t really hurt, I’d just assumed whys.

I waited behind the car and carefully listened to what she said

Had I not let her talk at all… in a moment sorrows would shed.

I rested on my sofa without blink or thought

So soon realized that I would have uttered bad or fought.

It’s difficult at times to really understand

To wait, analyze, and then firm stand.

We utter too quick

No time to wait and think.

But what if we can delay

Maybe situations don’t fall and there just lay.

So much anger, so much soreness

Don’t we have much more to give something like happiness?

Let’s just delay and stay calm

We’re not losing anything out of our palm!


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