Did you say ‘No’?

Well, I’ve recently met a bunch of people who find it extremely hard to say a word of one syllable and two letters of the alphabet. Is it that difficult? I’ve said NO quite a few times…


Introvert, can’t really stand so tall and confident at the drop of a pin

When I say a “Yes” I don’t really seem the win.

But, it comes to my mind first

Let times be crucial, let situations be worst.

I’ve been in times where I was following around five yeses

Doing a bad job in all, stretched too thin, without guesses.

It kills to say a NO

Especially when there are such worthy opportunities and you know.

But the other option is… do more and a bad job at each one

Take little satisfaction back home by saying DONE.

No focus, more stress

Life completely a mess.

Instead, be ruthless and say a ‘no’

Say your stomach is too full to swallow more.

Be determined on one and serve exceptionally

Time, energy, brain drain so much can reduce unconditionally.

All you’ve gotta practice is stay punctilious

Only then you can attain a place even in denial so illustrious.


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