Inane Tongue!

It takes about two years to learn how to speak but around a complete lifetime to learn what to speak…


Reaction to annoyance means no thought before utter

Fake smiles, fake concerns means so much butter.

Necessity or sincerity makes words so important

Talking meaningless makes them worthless and so unimportant.

Assumptions and judgements cause the most harm

Why so much doubt to disown the charm.

Words cause less than actions do

But they can’t be taken back too.

Be wise and talk when you have ‘something to say’

Rather than when you have to ‘say something’ really hay way.

Sympathy causes nothing, nothing more than disgust

Empathize if you really feel the situation to be unjust.

The tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart

Being kind in a world so cruel is such a beautiful art.

A word, a sentence, a comment or compliment

Be sure what you want to do, make way or create a bent.


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