The Magic Of Living!

Life comes once, goes once. Gives every moment once! So let’s live it ONCE!


We tend to visit places, we just want to see

We set ourselves free, buzzing like a bee

Love destinations, but there’s a key

PAST is sure not a good place to be.

People are different, at times indifferent

Some stay calm, some belligerent

Their kind with you, with other may be stringent

Do what’s your good, THEIR OPINIONS are contingent.

You’re as good as the other walking around

You’re not the only who needs to put baggage down

Don’t be weak and walk with a face-down

Give time TIME TO HEAL, it matters don’t frown.

We remember price but not the value

Have a time for silence, for self to revalue

Happiness comes from within, find it, can you

If HAPPINESS you can own no one can be successful than you.

Some have been kind to you, but you be to all

Don’t wait for a moment, don’t wait for a call

Time runs out… it doesn’t crawl

DON’T JUDGE others their behind their own WALL.

God has given you problems only you can fight

Stay calm and throw right light

It’s not so easy to win every fight

DON’T THINK MUCH it’s okay to have some plight.

Problems come, problems go

There are friends there are foe

Be good, be you, let people grow

EVERYONE HAS TROUBLES you’re not the only thirsty crow.


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