Why her? Or rather why ME? Maybe because I don’t like the way you treat us. Maybe because I fear being us now. Maybe because I wish we were BOYS in certain situations. Maybe because I feel everyone hates us! A small story not far back, where she lands she’ll just attack.


In Dad’s arms as a newborn

She didn’t wish to become the object of scorn.

In family’s love she wished to be

but they weren’t proud they usually flee.

So hard, all so away

One being of regret she would stay.

Quiet, shy this girl so scared

Did everything they said, everything she bared.

Grew up with emotions held deep inside

She cried years out but almost died.

Victim of eyes glaring at her body

She had lost everything she felt nobody.

Out she went, the courage would lit outside

But seeing men all so close she’d usually stride.

She was made marry a well-settled groom

She knew he would do nothing but hand her a broom.

Her wedding cost more than her education ever would

But boys had all the rights, she would do no good.

She spoke to get beaten

She was to be used, consumed or even eaten.

A world so cruel everywhere

To give birth to new was her only affair.

This time her own her was killed in womb

So dead already, she wouldn’t utter, she couldn’t bloom.

Why a boy made so much difference

Why was SHE always looked with indifference.

Looked down on her everyone every time

She was one of us not a crime!

She could not live, she died alive

The only question was why arrive??

She had people waiting to take her case

Not only mentally, physically in every base.

No right, no fundamental what does that mean

When no prime living foundation why called queen.

She wasn’t here to wipe the kings boots

We made her do so… we told her there she suits.

In his feet was not her place

But we made her lose every little grace!

We put her there, now to bring her out

We have to change, no smack no shout.

If men are you… And only true…

You’ll take the step… To erase the misstep!

She never wanted to dominate… SHE wanted her place beside you, try equate.

Β Let the power of love overcome the love of power!!!


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