Mashed Potatoes!

Were peeled and boiled thus mashed!


Dad called me to the kitchen one day

Asked me to hold a potato and stay.

He took another and peeled it fine

I definitely understood there were potatoes for dine.

He asked me to compare the both

I saw one peeled other covered as per my growth.

He then asked me which one had more value

‘The one peeled’ I said, it could be readily cooked I knew.

He put it to boil and questioned again

‘The one getting boiled’ I answered then.

He let it cool and mashed it almost aggressively

And inquired again progressively.

I felt the same and stuck to my reply

‘The one mashed now’ I said with little sigh.

He had a smile and now made me understand

To why he called me to watch potatoes and stand.

He said people may hurt you so much like

I peeled, boiled and mashed potatoes with dislike.

But value increases with potential

So don’t lose strength in the initial.

Potatoes taste best when mashed

But does not mean they are trashed.

So don’t lose hope if you’re treated not right

Smile and be polite because you’ll then be more bright!


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