My World!

Because, I wouldn’t be present literally without them. And I would lose myself completely long back without them too. They’ve been there in pain and pleasure, they are my life’s biggest treasure! I love you Mom and Dad!


From the first breath I inhaled, to the first step I took
From all day cycle rides to the midnight story book!
He’s always stood by me, a rock so soft
He’s been my Teddy, my hide and seek partner to the loft!

Held me tight in arms so little, her new born so close not far
In her arms so confined, away from any wound any scar.
She still does that, holds me tight in her beautiful arms
Her presence, her fragrance, her elegant smile just so charms.

Those old times, when he ran behind me so slow to catch,
My little feet now so big, his shoe size I match.
Those old times, when she used to grab me and kiss allover my face,
Their lost somewhere behind, one kiss on forehead now just shows the grace.

These times today, make me realise
About times that have gone, times I miss at size!
These times today, are so right
So close yet so far we stay… are these distances so alright?

The love and care always remains
They’ve always minimized my pains.
But I never followed the chains
To understand what were their gains.

Today when I really understand
So small yet proud I stand.
To know their gain was my happiness
To see such generosity, to see such selflessness.

I’ve committed sins, I’ve been a fool
I’ve fought with them, I’ve been so cruel.
Gap created fights and I got flowed
Without realizing what their hearts erode.

God made such people and blessed me with them,
They’re the hard rocks with a shine like pure gem.
They’ve given me not just life but so much to live it now
They’ve done so much, I wish I could repay somehow!

I’ll at least manage a smile on their face always,
They’ve kept my tears away, theirs will be mine now in all ways!
I’ve loved them to the crust, I’ve loved them the core,
But this isn’t enough they’ve always loved me more!

But more happy more proud now they’ll stand,
Their joy and comfort I will expand.
To the place I can
To the place has seen no man!


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