The Outright Relationship!

Togetherness comes with patience!


We can collect pebbles and marbles

but how do we store the feeling marvels.

The love we receive, the care we share

the tears we shed, the times we spare.

For what we gave was once honored and loved

by the only special, only beloved.

But value depreciates time does not

it moves on from got to forgot.

We can’t choose to pay one debt

‘give and forgive’ or ‘get and forget’.

Doubt and shout or trust and adjust

what’s more important, purity or dust.

Appreciation and acceptance of a being

more than the fights or sobs the agreeing.

To go through hell to keep the relationship going

keep quiet and listen for the relationship is growing.

Why not only bend as much that one lands in arms

Why bend so much that love itself harms.

When there’s no question of respect or admiration

the heart has already gone through the feeling of cremation.

Is there some time yet to wait?

Is there more courage to wait this state.

There’s more to relation than ego or strife

But what good is a relation that’s almost no life?

Bewildered, anxious or arrogant is for me your call

What’s more important to me is my feeling so small.

Like unimportant and valueless

Rather someone just so hopeless.

It is two people who make one friendship.

One trying so hard isn’t the OUTRIGHT RELATIONSHIP!


2 thoughts on “The Outright Relationship!

  1. Rohit wagh says:

    That line is just beautiful… I end up reading it over and over again… Cos yes the every relationship I’m in, it’s growing into sumthing more deep and loving every passing moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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