Tea Or Cups?

Work, friends, family, health, or LIFE! At times we forget to make a choice! We lead to something without having clue. We need a break we say, not knowing what to do. We have parts and they’re never ONE. If they be one, where do we run? Let’s try not running, let’s get outdone. Parts or life? What’s more fun?


So much in hand yet something to please.
Porcelain cups large but little teas.
Choose what’s yours, tea or cups
Choose to live with Wake-ups or hiccups.

When tea is all we want… Why do cups drive us crazy?
When we have all the roses why do we search for a Daisy?
Cups may be studded, but tea is very little
Roses do have thorns,Β  but they will never belittle.

Life is tea let’s enjoy it to the last drop.
Worrying about the vessel… let’s stop.
It does have plenty difficulties like the thorns
Let’s choose something that the eye adorns!

Why choose a cup so large that we forget the tea?
Why choose a part of life and just be?
Choose life to live it full…
All that’s yours will automatically get the pull!


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