Drops Or Lake??

We all know that life’s easy to be judged than to be lived. The amount of assumptions to handle situations we make may be handful of water in front of the problems that are as large as a lake.


Problems? Issues? Difficulties?
Aversions or affinities?
Thoughts or worries?
Time’s hard so simply hurries.

Times are hard, but we’re yet to see
A time harder to come and we to be.
What’s real is our decision
Decision of pure vision or precision.

Sense of thinking and sense of things…
Responsibilities along it brings
So much thought but no resolution
Less ideas, less plans but more of pollution.

Too much to find too much to look
Flows through the hills a foul brook.
So much to worry so much to cure
Authority attracts, calls and makes the lure.

Spoonful of salt in handful of water
Trouble is that hard, so much painful and bitter…
But add it to the lake beside and taste the same
Better, calm and smaller the aim.

Expansion of the sense of things
A sense of security that it brings.
Reduction of the sense of thinking
Saves from the feeling of sinking.

More the thought, deeper the sorrow
Lessen it today for a better tomorrow.
Extend things for pain to look small
Confident and gritty stand so tall.

Difficulties came to you to increase your potential…
Make them your strength and show people that their essential.
For weakness is in our minds and not our souls…
Increase capabilities, so seem easier the goals.


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