“Paralysis” always meantย the loss of the ability to move, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury. But my dictionary said and taught me something else about it… it talked about incapability, drain, exhaustion, dejection or fatigue.


We tend to slow down, give up or quit very easily at times

we don’t really have the courage to make into words from our mimes.

The bravery to show up, the power to state

to unveil our freight… to depict our hate.

We incline into our lives, taking just ourselves into it

we also forget to take our people along, we usually split.

It may be work, may be relations

for this behavior anything and everything can be the foundations.

We’re tired, all so weary

things around all maybe so well lit, but we make them dreary.

One sorrowful moment and we imagine hours of more sorrow

we don’t want a today then, we don’t want a tomorrow.

All we want is to cease, surrender and stop trying

we don’t wanna spend most of our lives crying.

We get frustrated, we also frustrate

problems may be small and light, we add on weight.

We have a propensity to bury all the pain

we don’t mind when it’s hidden somewhere in the brain.

All we wish is to come out of the so-called dark shade

it’s okay to lurk the issues deep until someone comes with a spade.

We don’t want to share, we are weak

how do we talk, when we can’t merely squeak.

We’re done, nothing is left undone, over with the crisis

It’s seems better to forget and get over the paralysis.


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