We have so much to fight for with our own selves right? Isn’t it?

indexWhy do we so consider mistakes to be poison to live with

than to consider them as a learning to live for.

We think, re-think, over-think and get tangled with

whether it’s now, next or later we go doing it for sure.

Why do we lack acceptance to what we’ve done

we never laugh over the same joke, then why do we cry for the same fault.

Time never comes back so things can’t be undone

we tend to lose the present, thinking about past at halt.

Fear of doing right makes us do wrong

we might have hit, caused pain also lost charm.

But regression for the wrong always stays long

trust can be built stronger even if you’ve created most harm.

Listen to yourself, do what you feel is right

there’s a huge world outside to state their own difference.

All you’ve got to do is shine bright

Everyone has fights, their own business you don’t need to be the hindrance.

Love is always stronger than hate

whether it’s for yourself or others.

It’s never-ever too late

to to start believing in yourself and forgetting the blunders.


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