What’s 99?

What’s with the number?

99? Huh?

Well, we should really see…


Doesn’t “99” just seem incomplete somehow?

Won’t adding just “1” to it, be just WOW?

It’s like why an odd number?

100 is just so OUTNUMBER.

That one final point…

99 is like to disappoint.

That small little one more step

that one more attempt.

Well, why do we all find happiness in that one more thing?

That ONE something.

Isn’t 99 completely enough

Is happiness without that “1” so tough?

Why urge for that one more when there’s so much already?

Does having one less make us unsteady?

‘I’ll take the final step and be happy?’

Well, why till 99 were you so unhappy?

Satisfaction never gets satisfied

until we ourselves are gratified…

Towards what we have than what we still want

towards our love for contentment than for to flaunt.

Towards those efforts we’ve made

and not something that others have laid.

We punish the 99 to get 1

we find having one less than the other to be unreal and undone!!!

The successful might be happy or unhappy, but the happy are always SUCCESSFUL!


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