Life is full of surprises and it’s best gift to us is the PRESENT! Today is the only day my friend. It wasn’t given to us to plan tomorrow but to live each minute in just the 60 seconds of each minute, live each moment we wanted to in just the 90 seconds of each moment and make every hour a memorable one. Because we may or may not have a tomorrow at all.


Breathe as if it’s the first ever breath you’re inhaling

open the curtains, keep life far from all the veiling.

Walk, sing, dance or appreciate

bring smiles on faces no destiny no fate.

Time shall run out not you

let it fly if at all it flew.

Be content spread joy

Say all you want to, don’t be coy.

Don’t be selfish some have even lesser time than you

don’t run just give the clue.

No hurry, don’t be late

just equate don’t hate.

You might not have the best of everything

but you can still make the best of anything!


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