Aren’t our minds mostly running on assumptions these days? Do we assume more than we think? Do we decide more through assumptions? Do we really challenge our assumptions? Well, assuming makes us judgmental and then shapes who we are.


We assume everything, no proofs, no summaries

we don’t think to decide, we see no discoveries

we don’t talk, we don’t ask

we don’t reveal, we don’t unmask

to the answer to most of our questions

without crimes we expect confessions.

We judge and control

something that’s not our role

we don’t want to listen we have aggressions

we can’t be patient and thus face regressions

we may hear to speak again

and not understand to speak when.

We may never get tired of showing love or care

we’re always tired of the assumptions we bear

it’s better to learn than to assume

it’s always good to talk and know, than to judge the costume

let’s believe and then decide

assumptions are narrow let’s look for the wide.


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