Bullion Or Metal!

The price we pay for happiness is our growing desire. We are happy with what we already have but our urge for more takes it away.


We all have needs

but these needs turn to misleads

when we assume wants as needs

the quality of life recedes.

It’s important to be forward-looking and think ahead

it’s important to do what’s committed and said

but losing the butter to earn the bread

makes us lose the smiles and tears we shed.

What we have now doesn’t satisfy

we just want ‘a little more’ to gratify

and then we’re in a stage to pacify

the anger in us and incapability to stand by.

Life is water and we have enough

we just want to hold it in good stuff

well hiding the pot too is tough

but we showcase expensive crystal and easily bluff.

To hide and turn around was apparently effortless

our pots aren’t porcelain they are a little hopeless

we are never proud of that we possess

we are always worried about what the other assess.

To quench our thirst maybe life

but status, position, money are a bigger strife

because that’s what is understood outside and is rife

to be content looks like on shoulders a huge knife.


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