Ant Ideology!

Have you ever seen how hard working a creature as small as an ant is? Have you carefully noticed it’s struggles with life? Have you wondered if the ant could think? Have you pondered upon what an ant thought if it did? Oh I realize, we don’t really have the time to know about what an organism 1/10th of our nails or even smaller thinks right?

Β ant

‘Heading somewhere and accomplishing goals’

isn’t that tough for these little souls

because they don’t know how to quit

they just work with required wit

looking for different ways is their only technique

they will climb over, climb under but not stop and turn weak.

‘Thinking Ahead’ is their sole manner

to look forward time is their individual planner

they think about winter all summer

and already start collecting their supper

they know summers won’t last forever

they know they need grains whatsoever.

‘Staying Positive’ is what they enjoy doing

they keep continuing and pursuing

it doesn’t matter if their hills drain out in rain

they know it isn’t something that vain

they build it again and again and again

they don’t stop not with one not even further ten.

‘Doing Possibly Everything One Can’

is an exclusive theory they began

because they know life doesn’t stop

they know things can turn out flop

they still complete with all they can at once

they act clever never dunce.


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