Have questions – ask, want to be understood – explain, dislike something – say it, like something – state it. Life is always easy, but we have our own ways. Enable learning while you’re here, there’s no age and no time either.


We’ve always kept waiting

we’ve kept sitting and equating.

Always had to contemplate

on the intentions to dominate.

Life is so bright when we focus on what truly matters

it has to look dark, when we visualize only disasters.

Struggles and hardships have to come, to go

but if there’s no fall… how does one stand strong and grow?

It isn’t wrong to wait and reflect

only if it creates some effect.

But there is more burden the other carries

so let’s put aside our worries.

And take an initiative

let’s act a little sensible yet sensitive.

Because we may stop but time won’t

love each moment even if you don’t.

Be who you are, say what you feel

Because time’s less for us to reveal.

Lets not complicate when it’s really very simple

there have to be difficulties but lets enjoy the ripple.

For time doesn’t return good or bad

So let’s live it now for remembrance be glad.


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