Things in life can be equally good or bad. It can either be an ‘accomplishment of the journey’ or it can be a ‘failure of the tour’. It’s a choice we have to make, yes a difficult one, but it’s still better to have the optimist in us alive to live the life that simply goes on.

distance road

Life isn’t what one gets, it’s what one makes

So it’s okay to commit mistakes.

Forgive because you have the strength

Forget it now, that’s what will create length.

Love will be valued, hatred all the more

Lets choose to be pleasant and not sore.

You may feel like unimportant and unwanted

You may feel always so daunted.

You wish to quit and that seems the best

But this is a test, do your good and forget the rest.

It’s difficult to find answers here

The questions itself are not so clear.

Because we fell, hit, hurt thus cried

But that’s better than to have untried.

Lets get up again for there’s still courage

Lets not be a burden or carriage.

Succeeding may not be important

But not to have tried hammers the commitment.

So lets walk even though we don’t know our destination

Lets not leave distances unraveled in an expedition.


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