Somethings control us without we having any control over them. One of these things are, our own thoughts that keep running in our minds and we don’t even realize them being there. They are our masters but to be their slaves or not, is still our choice.


These words that keep coming and going

some are digging and some are sowing

the seeds of learning in my mind

in yours might be just redefined.

They create substances, they create ideas too

on one they’re queue, the other are glue

they make us lead; they make us follow

they make us do everything shallow or hollow.

They give us life for when we’re asleep

they give us dreams to run and leap

they make our worlds they make our souls

they make us ourselves and define our roles.

It’s just one power that we possess

one and only control through which we assess

to what is good and what is bad

what to deduct and what to add.

We can be insane and irrational at all times

but what is sanity and rationality sometimes

it’s us to make the decision of what is right

to which path will be dark and which path bright!


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