It’s okay to not be perfect because sometime, somewhere or rather every time and everywhere we need to be who we are to let others understand us better the way we are and not be judgmental or very comparative about our identity.


Perfection states having quality of being flawless

But doesn’t being flawless mean almost near to Godliness

Then the question is of management of our lives

The state of mind by which every creature survives.

Don’t we believe ‘We learn from our mistakes!’

Without mistakes we would be as divine anyways.

But doing mistakes declares the existence of flaws

Does perfection not relate to effect or cause?

They’ve always said that ‘Nobody is perfect!’

I feel then the notion deprives someone from the aspect.

Because we have an image of sublimity or exquisiteness

And when somebody is near we always suppress.

That means our own acts might lead to doubts

Doubts that may bring people from heavy rains to droughts

What is the clarity then that one should think of as perfection?

Does anyone ever have a vivid straight direction?

Isn’t it more important to have an exceptional identity

Than to run behind something that will merely create insanity

It’s better to be real than to be considered perfectly excellent

Because somewhere back home one will have to make a settlement.

Why wear two masks and be good actors?

When we can even though be ourselves and be inspiring factors?

Even if we do not have much to teach

Isn’t it just commendable to practice what we preach?


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