Don’t we at times forget our age, don’t we at times indulge ourselves in mere happiness, I wish birthdays came everyday, to make some smile, to make some glisten, to make people forget about worries and also to make them realize that there’s a world out somewhere who has to handle more pressure.


Those hands on my eyes

That voice “Guess who?”

Those funny little sighs

Give me a seconds few.

Then that one big cake

And people so many around

“Surprised or quake”?

When you see the whole town.

This little big family

Or rather too many friends

Everyone so happily

Celebrating with kisses, hugs and trends.

A huge large gift

Coming from outside the room

Hearts to a drift

And eyes a little zoom.

So much of teasing

A little of laughter

These loud sounds yet so pleasing

Claps, songs and so much more thereafter.

Sharing of stories

Incidents or accidents all together

Quarrels or glories

They can talk of anything also the weather.

So much to see so much to hear

It’s all so much fun

Games, kids all so cheer

So much work but we’re all done.


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