Isn’t It Happening Too Quick!

Not everyone is brave to decide, not everyone has a single track mind. It may take a moment or even a lifetime. Decision just has to be wise so that even shocks later act as surprise. We definitely don’t know what’s coming next but the foot is ours putting it forward can be our only best.


For one day has to come when I will have courage

The courage and strength to act a little sage.

Pride or ego is not the question

You’ve made an incorrect assumption.

The question lies in trust and faith

In that case it’s worth the wait.

You’ve made my world better than I would have

Without you I would have to nav.

But there still are two worlds I can see

One is yours and one with me.

Can we indulge ourselves and make it wise

Or love will look more like a compromise.

It’s not like I don’t love you enough

Or coming into your life is rather tough.

But it definitely is a decision to make

Will you also enter my life at stake.

They aren’t just questions that run into my mind

But practical is my world and I am kind.

Don’t take me wrong because I’m worried now

You’ve known me better I don’t guess how.

This is big and is quite a dare

If you are with me I really don’t care.

But here is a mix in the head

Can we still lead what so far we’ve lead?


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