For half the world is already in love, and the other half doesn’t know of it.


Love wasn’t a first sight connection,

Love wasn’t some sort of attraction

Love wasn’t lust that one could see everywhere

Love wasn’t in a material good anywhere.

Love was on the infant’s face when he saw his dad

Love was in that tear in mom’s eye when she saw her lad

Love was to gain attention by making small things great

Love was everything apart from hate.

Love meant it was life with little happiness

Love without fights was aimless

Love contradicted itself cause fights resulted to sorrow

Love then concluded it was just emotions or hollow.

Love gave a meaning, no definition or outline

Love was on a grey cloud the silver line

Love was everything for which one was living today

Love was a spark in one’s smile to lighten one’s way.

Love wasn’t in that kiss that anyone could share

Love was in the wounds of anger one could bare

Love wasn’t a reminder in one’s mind

Love was invisible maybe thus created the blind.

Understanding love might take not years but life

Or take it as pure calmness after a disturbing strife.


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