The Insecure Love!

A clash of time, work, personal life or any other natural circumstance may give rise to a feeling of insecurity between two people who love each other. The real time is when one would either take a step towards or afar. Well, let’s question before we interpret and take the very step.


Will I be able to love you when you’re not with me

I will always remain like your shadow. You will lead and you will see.

Will I change if you fall… Will I still value

You were with me when I was in pain, I will always hold you.

Will I stay by your side when you can’t give me enough

I have your love to sustain my life with and without you life would be tough.

Will I stay calm when you’re angry with me

Happiness I’ve attained from you, feelings we will share equally.

Will I not expect love and attention in need

I know times are critical and we’ll be partners in deed.

Will I be able to cope up when in times you have to go

Duty is yours, but love is ours, I will either wait or follow.

Will I not fall when you feel like quitting

We will face challenges with strength if besides each-other we are sitting.

Will I be able to love you when you can’t love me the same

It will be endless and effortless, to give back is my only aim.

Will I control my tears when in frustration you scream

I will remain silent then and take it as a bad dream.

Will it be difficult for me to still showcase a smile

It’s what you’ve taught me and will remain here all the while.

You’ve made my life and it’s ever so beautiful

No one else would do it this suitable.

I love you now and will continue till the end

We can together mend any bend.


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