Never Fail To Express!

Because time doesn’t last, it runs really fast. Do things first and make sure that the first is right.


Do I fail to express my love when I’m in anger?

In that moment please remember I am angry cause I love you stronger.

Do I fail to wipe your sorrows away and smack your tears?

In those moments understand they are precious and my only fears.

Do I fail to appreciate when you need my attention?

Unravel then that you’re the most special person and appreciation is not worth the mention.

Do I fail to express my apology in times I hurt you bad?

Interpret then that I’m wasting my time but don’t change because you’re strong and I’m glad.

Do I fail to think before I speak?

My mouth is a kid, don’t get mad just let it squeak.

Do I fail to rectify the errors I make?

I am a forgetful mind… please will you remind me at stake?

I know I fail to do all that you would want me to

But I will pass with distinction one day only if I’m with you.

I’m sure not to make this a perfect relationship…

But I’m also sure these imperfections will make a great friendship.


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