For there have been tough times but there have been beautiful moments too. Let’s look at the good if we’re looking back else let’s let the past be where it has to be.


Memories; they don’t get lost

Nor do they add any cost.

With the strings of love or pain

They create a space not that vain.

They make our lives full of treasure

Let it be affliction or pleasure.

No matter what good or bad

They always have something to add.

They last forever in our soul

They have some sort of control.

Something we just can’t let go

If we try to lose them they create woe.

We all know change is constant

But aren’t these the only that still remain content.

They do come and go out of time

They are surely made of something sublime.

Sometimes I wish these memories were my home

And I lived forever in this happy dome.

Because whenever these come to my mind

Past is where I am you will find.

Do let your moments flow

Because they will turn to memories you will someday know.

They will take you back without making you turn

Because they’re like your shadow you’ll always learn.


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